Phentermine – Is this the most powerful weight loss drug ever created?

woman-phenterminePhentermine is a psychostimulant which affects the central nervous system to control the appetite, primarily acting as a powerful appetite suppressant.

Phentermine shares a similar chemical form to amphetamine and forces the body to enter a flight or fight response, in which appetite is greatly reduced and the body is encouraged to burn more calories.

Phentermine has been prescribed for over 50 years and its popularity and performance as a prescription diet drug is largely unchallenged.

The demand for phentermine in all its forms is predicted to grow with the continuing escalation of the global obesity epidemic which has reached a staggering 36% in the US and 26% in the UK.

Phentermine contains hydrochloride which is an odourless, crystalline powder to be consumed orally and is soluble in water. This makes the drug more readily absorbed into the blood stream, but can interact with other medications taken for diabetes and high blood pressure.

There are other inactive ingredients in Phentermine which don’t affect the performance of the drug but relate to the colour, form, absorption and longevity. These include; titanium dioxide, talc, gelatine and corn starch.

Generic Vs Branded Phentermine

Essentially generic and branded phentermine contain the same active ingredients but have certain differences in their inactive blends which affect their colour, shape and delivery. Brands such as Adipex P contain inactive ingredients which make it an immediate release formula, whereas the brands Ionamin and Duromine both feature a slow release formula.

In certain cases, a slower, longer release delivery of Phentermine over 8-10 hours is more suitable for the patient than one which is immediately absorbed into the bloodstream.

herbal-phentermineHerbal Phentermine

The development of herbal phentermine has created an alternative treatment which promises the same weight loss results but does not have the associated side effects of regular phentermine.

These typically contain natural ingredients which work to stimulate the metabolism while reducing appetite, closely tying them to branded phentermine due to their method of action.

Popular choices include Phenobestin 37.5 and Phen375, which thanks to their natural composition and lack of harsh side effects, are both available without the need for prescription.

Is Phentermine safe?

woman-taking-phenterminePhentermine is not suitable for those with certain pre-existing medical conditions, the under 17s and pregnant and nursing women.

In addition Phentermine has been proven to react with MAO inhibitors used in the treatment of depression such as Eysam, Zelapar, Parnate, Axilect, Eldepryl, Nardil, Marplan and Furoxane.

A combination of Phentermine and MAO inhibitors can lead to the potentially fatal lung disease pulmonary hypertension. Studies performed on rats also showed this combination can lead to brain, liver and neurological malfunctions.

Possible side effects include blurred vision, dry mouth, sleeplessness, irritability, stomach upset or constipation, gastrointestinal disturbances, and changes in libido. Much rarer reported side effects include chest pain, pounding heart, difficulty urinating, breathing difficulties or swelling while taking this medication.

Due to the above issues Phentermine is usually prescribed for a maximum of 12 weeks and as stopping treatment can lead to withdrawal symptoms similar to some of the side effects, medical practitioners will strictly monitor the cessation of the course.

This is not the case with natural Phentermine alternatives which do not require a prescription, these can normally be taken for 6-12 months where side effects are often rare and typically mild in nature.


Phentermine is a prescription diet drug which is used as a short term treatment of obesity where other alternatives have failed and where uncontrolled weight poses a serious risk to long term health in the form of diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol.

It is designed to be used as the first step in a healthy diet and lifestyle plan to instigate initial weight loss which can then be maintained by diet and exercise.


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