Redusa review – Does this prescription only drug actually work?

What is Redusa?

1Redusa is a generic version of Phentermine and is most commonly prescribed in Hong Kong and most of Asia.

It is a controlled drug that, when combined with a weight-loss programme that includes diet and exercise, will help you lose weight fast and effectively.

Redusa is noted to be particularly effective for those that are suffering from high-cholesterol as a result of obesity. It is available in capsules containing 15mg, 25mg and 35mg of the active compound Phentermine HCl.

How does Redusa work?

Redusa works on the neuro-transmitters in the brain and stimulates the central nervous system to produce ‘stress hormones’ such as adrenaline, norepinephrine and dopamine.

The hyper-stimulation of these hormones reduces the appetite and prevents hunger pangs and boosts energy levels artificially; the end result is dramatic weight-loss, in exactly the same way that a person would inadvertently lose weight when suffering a stressful period during their life.

Is it effective?

Searching the internet for anything in the way of ‘customer reviews’ on Redusa, comes up pretty much blank. There is very little in the way of consumer information, other than the websites selling the drug and the websites warning people against it.

alertThere appears to be very little in the way of customer comments, anecdotal evidence of its weight-loss potential and no third party review system anywhere.

However, as Redusa is a generic brand name of Phentermine, potential customers should be aware that the drug has been fully tested and is clinically proven to be beneficial for weight reduction. More information on this can be found in our guide – What is Phentermine

Potential side effects

woman pillsAs with all the generic brands of Phentermine, there is a substantial list of potential negative side effects.

Redusa is unsuitable for those who suffer from high blood pressure, if you have any kind of heart condition, glaucoma, over active thyroid, history of substance abuse (this is because it is highly addictive), are pregnant or breastfeeding, are on any other prescription or non-prescription drug or have diabetes.

As Redusa is available via prescription-only, you will need a full consultation with your doctor or GP prior to taking this drug.