Phentramin D – Are its weight loss claims realistic?

What is Phentramin D?

Phentramin-D-bottlePhentramin D is a scientifically designed, natural weight loss supplement. The manufacturers Lazarus Labs claim it is a natural alternative to the prescription drug Phentermine but without the associated side effects and risks to health.

Promising weight loss of up to 25lbs in one month, one capsule or tablet should be taken twice daily, before breakfast and lunch.

So what’s in the Phentramin D formulation?

Phentramin D could very well be an effective alternative to phentermine but due to the sparse information on the official site its effectiveness can only be based on looking at how its two ingredients work, and the available consumer reviews.

The two ingredients in Phentramin D are trimethylxanthine (or caffeine as its more commonly known) and dimenthylphentylamine.

geranuim-plant-phentramin-ingredientDimenthylphentylamine is an extract from the geranium plant which elevates metabolism, energy levels and acts as a natural stimulant.

It also stabilises blood sugar levels to help curb cravings, and its ability to mobilise fat stores means it is more successful than diet and exercise alone on shifting those hard to lose pounds.

The weight loss properties of dimenthylphentylamine are enhanced by the caffeine which also ensures the effects last longer, avoiding the debilitating energy crash often associated with geranium extract.

Is it effective?

The official website claims that Phentramin D is ‘the greatest breakthrough in weight loss ever,’ but offers very little in the way of any actual evidence to support this.

Phenobestin 37.5mg - A Better Option?

phenobestin-bottlePhenobestin 37.5mg contains many of the ingredients seen in the Phentramin-d formula, with one important addition – Yohimbine HCL.

This ingredient works to break down visceral fatwhich can build up around the organs of the body. Visceral fat is known to cause a number of health issues such as diabetes and heart disease.

Phenobestin 37.5mg is a clear choice for many due to the fact it is produced in a cGMP compliant facility with strict quality control standards in place. Read more about Phenobestin in our review.

Read more about Phenobestin 37.5mg here

The formula claims to curb the appetite so fewer calories are consumed, whilst increasing metabolism, fat mobilisation and energy levels to allow the dieter to burn greater amounts of fat.

This dual action weight loss formula of appetite suppressant and fat burner does look impressive, but in the absence of any clinical proof or detailed explanation of the formula, we can only hope that it can live up to its claims.

What are customers saying?

woman-looking-at-phentramin-dConsumers have reported both on the official website and on independent review sites that Phentramin D is an effective diet aid.

However, there are also some lack lustre consumer reviews which report very little weight loss, and feelings of nausea and irritability.

Clearly no diet pill is going to work for everyone, on the whole feedback on Phentramin D is 50/50, and like any supplement its effectiveness will be greatly enhanced by diet and exercise.

Are there any Phentramin D side effects?

As it contains natural stimulants it should not be taken by anyone suffering from caffeine or stimulant sensitivity, and the manufacturers say Phentramin D should be stopped at any signs of nausea or nervousness.

Consumers have reported insomnia, dry mouth and irritability, but it is unclear how long these side effects last and whether they will wear off once the body has become tolerant to the formula.

Natural formula.
Dual action appetite suppressor and fat burner.
Weight is more likely to stay off due to its reduction in appetite over time.
Geranium extract is thought to positively affect mood making dieting easier.
Side effects might be more prolific than claimed.
No money back guarantee.
Quite expensive for a supplement
No clinical proof of its effectiveness or detailed explanation of its formula.

So is Phentramin D worth buying?
Overall Rating :   3/5

phentramin-d-bottleThere are plenty of positive reviews which suggest Phentramin D is worth buying. However, in the absence of any clinical proof OR evidence that the ingredients are in quantities large enough to be effective, potential customers should remain cautious.

The manufacturers sell this product on its scientific, pharmaceutical nature but offer very little scientific or pharmaceutical evidence to support it, which is in stark contrast to the diet-drug it emulates – Phentermine.

Marketing itself as a safe, side effect free alternative to Phentermine, we also remain sceptical as to whether it is as side effect free as it claims. Lazarus Labs stipulates it is unsuitable for those with high blood pressure, diabetes, over active thyroid and heart problems, indicating that it must have some sort of effect on health.

Unfortunately in our opinion, there are far better options available which promise the same effects  – Phenobestin 37.5mg is undoubtedly one of the most popular non-prescription phentermine alternatives, it is produced in a strict cGMP compliant facility and has a sizeable following in the US.


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