Phenterex Review – With bold claims of fast weight loss, does this product actually work?

What is Phenterex?Phenterex-Diet-Tablets

Phenterex is the latest in a string of diet pills that is attempting to ride the ‘Phen’ wave of diet pills that cash-in on the Phentermine brand name.

The company’s website makes some pretty amazing claims, stating that is it the most aggressive diet pill around and can help burn fat, increase metabolism, suppress appetite and increase thermogenic body heat.

Phenterex boldly claims that it will actually do all the hard work for you; no dieting, no exercising, no lifestyle change whatsoever.

How does it work?

Phenterex is one of those diet pills whose motto seems to be ‘more is more’. The list of ingredients detailed on the official website is pretty lengthy as supplements go.

While most of the ingredients are well known in diet-pill circles, such as Guarana, Green Leaf Tea and Garcinia Cambogia, nowhere on the official product website does it detail the sources of these ingredients or their specific properties when it comes to weight-loss.

alertThe definitive list of the Phenterex ingredients is pretty vague on quantities too, they appear to be minimal at best.

Is it effective?

Currently, the only reviews available on Phenterex appear to be on the company’s own website so, needless to say, they are pretty biased.


Well, as pros go, the only real thing Phenterex has going for it is the sheer quantity of ingredients it contains. Most of them are in fact clinically trialled and proven as somewhat effective – when used on their own in the correct dosage. However, the Phenterex formula itself has not been clinically tested.


As for the cons, well, the distinct lack of information on the pill itself is con enough for us. The potential side effects are also hidden in a far corner of the FAQ page and simply state they may include “headache, upset stomach, dizziness, drowsiness, flushing, jittery, nausea, abdominal gas, heartburn”. As far as herbal supplements go, that’s a pretty big list of potential side effects for an ‘all natural’ pill.


To buy into the Phenterex hype would be irresponsible, since it is just that; hype. It has a flashy website and makes amazing claims, but there is a real lack of hard evidence or actual ingredient quantity information on the product website.

Without clinical trials, third party consumer reviews or any concrete evidence, it is hard to give any real recommendation on this particular supplement.

Phenterex Alternatives…Phenobestin 37.5

One of the most effective Phentermine alternatives we have reviewed in recent years is Phenobestin 37.5mg.

phenobestin bottlesUnlike the majority of supplements which intend to mimic the effects of this appetite suppressing drug, Phenobestin uses pharmaceutical quality ingredients which actually work to both lower calorie intake and support the body to burn more fat.

Formulated and produced in a cGMP approved facility, Phenobestin 37.5mg gets our highest recommendation for those looking for both a safe and effective non-prescription alternative to Phentermine.

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