Ionamin Overview – Is Ionamin a safe short term solution for obesity?

ionamin-diet-pillsIonamin is a Schedule IV controlled substance available on prescription in the US for the short term treatment of obesity. Manufactured by Celltech Pharmaceuticals its generic name is phentermine resin complex.

Ionamin is a psychostimulant drug pharmaceutically similar to amphetamine which affects the central nervous system to suppress appetite, increase blood pressure, metabolism and energy levels.

Active ingredients are phentermine in either a 15 or 30mg dose, D&C Yellow No. 10, dibasic calcium phosphate, FD&C Yellow No. 6, gelatine, iron oxides (15 mg capsules only), lactose, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide.

The American Vein and Aesthetics Institute reported that those taking Ionamin can expect to lose an average of 8-12lb per month. FDA licensing stipulates that like all phentermine drugs, due to their potential for abuse, Ionamin can only be prescribed for a limited amount of time to a maximum of 12 weeks.

The intention is that it will instigate significant weight loss which can then be developed through exercise and reduced calorific intake, the latter being easier due to the lower hunger levels established by Ionamin diet pills.

Forms and Dosage of Ionamin diet pills

woman-taking-ionaminIonamin is the only phentermine drug which is coated in a resin matrix giving it a sustained release formula, so the active ingredient is more slowly released into the blood stream.

There is no immediate release version of Ionamin as there is with Adipex P. The benefits of the slow release means there are fewer side effects, and the weight loss effects albeit milder, will last longer.

It has been suggested that differences can be quite subjective when comparing immediate and sustained release forms of phentermine.

However, Ionamin with its unique resin coating is more suitable for those with sensitive stomachs, or who have experienced reactions to immediate release forms of phentermine.

Ionamin diet pills come in two strengths, 15mg and 30mg; both come in bottles of 100 and 400. The 15mg is a yellow and grey capsule with ‘IONAMIN 15’ imprinted on it and the 30mg capsule is yellow and marked ‘IONAMIN 30.

Either dose should be taken once a day, one to two hours before breakfast on an empty stomach. They should be swallowed whole with water and not chewed or crushed to avoid the full dose entering the blood stream too quickly and increasing the risks of side effects.

Following a full medical appraisal, the doctor will decide which dose of Ionamin to prescribe and for how long. Typically the two strengths mean that the patient will be prescribed the 15mg dose initially and if this proves effective this lower dose can be maintained.

Where the patient shows limited responsiveness to 15mg, the doctor can prescribe the higher 30mg dose. Considering the potential risks and side effects of taking phentermine, the lower dose of Ionamin offers an opportunity of seeing if a milder dose is effective which reduces any associated risks.

Conditions of Prescription

Ionamin is approved by the FDA for the treatment of short term obesity in patients who have a BMI of over 30, or a BMI of 27 where there are weight related risks of hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia.

Like Adipex P it is intended to be accompanied by a lifestyle plan which incorporates healthy eating and exercise to build on the results achieved by the diet drug.

Ionamin is not suitable for those with cardiovascular, kidney, liver, blood vessel disease, diabetes, thyroid, anxiety, arteriosclerosis or hypertension, the pregnant or nursing. Those with alcohol or drug dependency are unsuitable for Ionamin because of its habit forming nature.

Unlike Adipex P which cannot be prescribed to the under 17s, Ionamin is suitable for adolescents aged 12 and above, which could prove effective in treating the growing problem of childhood obesity.

Risks of complication associated with other medications should be established through a thorough medical consultation, other weight loss drugs, MAO inhibitors and SSRIs for depression, asthma, sinus and insulin medications are known to cause adverse reactions when taken with Ionamin.

Continued Medical Supervision

In common with all phentermine drugs the patient will be monitored by their doctor to assess its suitability and effectiveness.

The patient is advised to report any unpleasant side effects from taking the drug, and the length of treatment and method of stopping the course will be managed to avoid tolerance and withdrawal. Unlike Adipex P, the lower strength of Ionamin does at least mean that withdrawal might be less of an issue for the patient.


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