Read the full Adiphene review – Is it any good?

What is Adiphene?

adiphene-mainAdiphene is a brand new weight-loss drug that claims to be the most powerful on the market.

It uses a combination of all the differing types of weight-loss pill around; appetite suppressants, fat-binders, fat-metabolizers and thermogenic boosters.

Featuring 12 specific ingredients that are each chosen to help shift unwanted weight in their own unique ways, Adiphene claims that it can help you lose five times as much weight as other brands on the market.

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How does Adiphene work?

According to the manufacturer Adiphene works within the body to help you burn fat, prevent hunger pangs and bind excess dietary fats; the result claims to be a powerful, herbal weight-loss supplement that is equal in strength to many prescription-only alternatives.

natural ingredientsNatural Stimulants

The natural stimulants found in the formulation include; Bitter Orange, Chromium Picolinate, Guaranna Extract, Ginseng Panax Root Extract and Cacao Extract; each promising to speed up your metabolism, boost energy levels and manage blood sugars.

cinnamon sticksCinnamon Extract and Cayenne Capsicum

Two thermogenics – Cinnamon Extract and Cayenne Capsicum are included for their ability to heat up the body’s core and increase blood supply. The act of doing this makes the body work harder to cool down and, therefore, burn off excess fat.


The appetite suppressing ingredient is Glucomannan -  notorious in the supplement industry for its ability to create feelings of satiety and prevent hunger pangs. Glucomannan works as a complex fibre that swells in the stomach and makes you feel full. This not only helps you to control portion size, but also stops you snacking between meals.

A powerful fat-binder; Chitosan Extract; literally ‘binds’ to the excess fat cells in your stomach, making them too large to be absorbed. The fats are then passed naturally through the body.

info3The Adiphene formula also includes three fat-metabolizers; Vitamin B6, L-Carnitine and Ginger Root Extract; which all help to increase thyroid activity and speed up the metabolism. This forces the body to burn excess fat from around the body and convert it into energy.

Are there any side effects?

woman-taking-pillAs with all diet-pills, it is important to look at the potential side-effects before investing in any brand. Adiphene has the potential to cause a few minor side-effects, which are to be expected when its number of natural stimulants are taken into account.

The use of a fat-binder (one of Adiphene’s key ingredients) is one that always raises a few issues; consuming foods that are particularly high in fat can result in bloating, tummy cramps and diarrhoea, but keeping a close eye on your fat intake and reducing this as much as possible will prevent any stomach upset.

The addition of certain stimulants can always cause a few reactions; jitters and dizziness are the most common. Avoid making these worse by cutting out any other stimulants, such as tea and coffee, and most users will adjust pretty quickly.

Is it worth buying?

The reviews and testimonials for Adiphene are all very positive; in fact, the only real negative feedback that there appears to be is that occasionally people have experienced losing too much weight. This is certainly something that we don’t see everyday in the diet-pill world.

buy-adipeheneOn paper, Adiphene seems to have an arsenal of effective ingredients, however there is still no clinical evidence to support its claims.

It isn’t the cheapest on the market (at a slightly steep $65.95 for one month) but, as they say, you get what you pay for and the reviews pretty much speak for themselves.

Those looking for an effective natural diet pill will not go far wrong choosing Adiphene as an option, particularly for those who have tried other pills without much success.

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